Beautiful, colorful and exciting, these Coffee Table Sailing Books feature your crew in action as well as the race along the way. Each book is up to 80 pages or more of colorful images printed on glossy paper, hard cover, and 10" x 8" or 13" x 11"in size.

Coffee table books make a great gift as well as a legacy and wonderful memoir to leave behind. What better way to share your sailing adventure than through pictures? So real and action packed your friends and family will feel like they are experiencing your race and adventure with you!

Books for Corporate and Charter Advertising

Our coffee table books can also be used to promote your company and/ or charters. Have Beverly join you on a cruise or race and custom make a book of your charter and adventure including specific shots of your boat, crew, guests, and anything else you would like to include. The intro page can also be written by you so you can tell your company/charter story and include specific contact information and advertising about your product.

Books for Client or Guest Thank you Gifts

Give a book away to each of your guests as a thank-you present! It will have all the information of your company in it so when they show their friends and family, they will be advertising you as well! And, your client will never forget you. Special promo rates available.

Books YOU Choose Images For

Custom books can be made for you with just the pictures you want. Choose your own pictures from the various Race Photo galleries and write your own intro page! E-mail us for more information.


Digital Images on a CD are available for you! Just want one or two shots? Easy! Order Individual Digital Photos by jotting down the number of each image and send us an e-mail with your request and contact information and we'll confirm with payment instructions.

You MAY NOT use the digital images for commercial purposes, posters, brochures, commercial websites, commercial use, or news and magazine publications. Please contact us for information regarding uses other than personal prints


Individual prints can be ordered of your boat and/or crew by simply viewing the Race Photos gallery. Just click on the tab on the website and find the race you would like to see and view away!


We travel worldwide to provide custom photo shoots—above and below the sea—including location photographs, custom books, product shots, underwater set-up shots, landscape, water and land sports, interiors, hotels, boats, etc. for brochures, websites, product advertising or other needs.




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